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Fortesque's Friend

52 pages42 minutes


From riches to rags and back again. This heartwarming story of a young boy who inherits immense wealth through the untimely death of his parents is told through the eyes of his court appointed guardian.
The process of achieving overnight personal wealth turns young Fortescue Grenville into a most disagreeable person. Friendless and despised by all he meets.
When his financial advisors squander the estate funds, Fortescue is forced out onto the cruel streets to stand on his own for the first time in his life. Along the way he befriends a dog named Rascal, and together they manage to run afoul of the law.
A friendly judge sentences Fortescue and Rascal to a new progressive correctional facility where the young lad flourishes, learning about life and relationships in a whole new way.
Using ingenuity and spunk ro regain his lost fortune, Fortescue's journey back from the depths of poverty provides an enjoyable and inspirational experience for readers of all ages!

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