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Guarding Paragon

311 pages3 hours


Avery has a normal college life—as long as she is awake. When she falls asleep, her world becomes that of Paragon, an ancient garden of such love and beauty that she longs to stay and never return home. However, the evil lurking along the edges is evident. She knows there's something more to what she sees.
Ophidian, an enemy of old, has challenged The Creator to take control of Paragon, claiming humans would never be selfless enough to protect and care for it. As the threat to the garden continues to grow, The Creator assembles a team to defeat Ophidian, bringing chosen humans to Paragon.
With every dream, the garden becomes more alive and complex, as does Avery's new relationship with Nick, leader of The Redemption Team—those protecting Paragon. As this new world pulls her in, earth fades, and Avery must choose between her world and a place that holds her deepest love and greatest challenge.

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