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Guarding the Countess

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To love him would be a scandal. To lose him would be heartbreaking.

Antonia, the Countess of Cranbourne, is young, wealthy, and widowed. She's also under siege from an army of fortune-hunters and rogues desperate to compromise her into marriage. So far, the chestnut-haired countess has put up a spirited resistance to all attempts, but her situation promises to get worse when she's summoned to court to serve as a lady-in-waiting to the queen. There, she'll be fresh prey for penniless noblemen determined to secure a wealthy bride by any means, fair or foul.

Help arrives in the form of dashing swordsman and mercenary soldier, Kit Fitzgeorge. After he saves Antonia from highwaymen on the road to London, she hires him as her bodyguard. Despite the sparks that fly between them, the virtuous countess tries to resist her growing feelings for her handsome golden-haired rescuer, knowing that a love affair between them would ruin her reputation and spark a scandal.

And Kit has secrets of his own, including a hidden injury that's put an end to his career as as soldier. To secure a future for his young daughter, he's reluctantly agreed to help kidnap the countess and deliver her into a forced marriage with the ruthless Earl of Thornsby. While waiting for the perfect opportunity to abduct Antonia, Kit finds himself falling in love with the kind, witty countess.

Soon, Kit forced to choose between his daughter's welfare and an impossible love. And Thornsby isn't about to let his intended prey slip from his grasp. When the earl makes his move, can Kit find a way to save the woman he loves from ruin and a fate worse than death?

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