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Build Your Own Idea Factory: Wordcatcher Personal Development

Build Your Own Idea Factory: Wordcatcher Personal Development

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Build Your Own Idea Factory: Wordcatcher Personal Development

210 pages
1 hour
Mar 30, 2018


68 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks, Generate New Ideas, and Get Inspired


This book is a catalyst for creativity. 

It's ideal for readers who are:
Seeking new ideas for a creative project
Struggling with a mental block

This is suitable for:
Authors, Writers, Bloggers, Satirists, 
Pinterest Pinners, YouTubers, Tweeters,
Instagram and Facebook Posters, 
Poets, Artists, Illustrators, Sculptors,
and other creative professionals.

Use this as a resource during moments of frustration, blockage, or boredom, to kick-start your creative juices and get you creating again.

David Norrington is a dad, author, publisher, photographer, speaker, and collector of labels.

Mar 30, 2018

About the author

David Norrington (b.1968) was born and raised in Bristol, England. He has had an interesting and varied working life ranging from multinationals down to running his own businesses. He's been involved in the travel industry, sports development, basketball coaching and officiating, photography and energy efficiency, amongst other professions.

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Book Preview

Build Your Own Idea Factory - David Norrington

Build Your Own Idea Factory

Build Your Own Idea Factory

68 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Get Inspired

David Norrington

Wordcatcher Publishing

Build Your Own Idea Factory

68 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Get Inspired

© 2013-17 David Norrington

Illustration on p70 © Alexandra Norrington.

All rights reserved.

This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United Kingdom.

Any reproduction or other unauthorised use of the material or artwork herein is prohibited without the express written permission of the author. You must not circulate this in any other binding or cover and you must impose this restriction on any acquirer.

First published by Onion Custard Publishing.

Re-published by Wordcatcher Publishing, Cardiff, UK.

Print edition ISBN: 9781912056637

First Edition: 2013

Second Edition: 2016

Third Edition: 2017

Category: Creativity

To Rachel, Tasha, and Alex;

you are my daily inspiration.

Failure cannot cope with persistence

Napoleon Hill


The Bit People Skip

What is Creativity?





Nature vs. Nurture Really? Do we have to do this?

Attitudes Count

Curiosity killed the cat…

Do it because you want to, even if you MUST

Use it, or lose it

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative

I don’t have a creative bone in my body!

Recycling isn’t just for old newspapers and plastic bottles

I don’t know enough

Brick Walls

What’s the point?

Big picture, little picture




Go on… put it off!

Actions Speak

Actively schedule creative time

Bottle it

Helping others, helps ourselves

Being creative in a corporate world

Distraction vs. Procrastination vs. Inspiration

OK Then, Here We Go…

The Idea Factory: 68 Ways to Get a Good Idea

1. Same Story, Different Ending

2. Ask Questions, Lots of Them

3. The Museum of You

4. Your Hidden Formula


6. A List of Impossible Things

7. Impossible Deadlines

8. Found in Translation

9. Assume Everything

10. Location, Location, Location

11. Location, Location, Location – The Sequel

12. Mind Mapping

13. Take Snapshots, Not Photographs

14. Dear Diary…

15. Seek Out New Experiences

16. Research

17. Things I Wish I’d Said, So I Did

18. Motivational Speakers

19. Walk in Another’s FOOTPRINTS

20. Shipwrecked

21. Through a Child’s Eyes

22. Seminars and Workshops

23. Ignorance is Bliss

24. Give, and You Shall Receive

25. Just Do It!

26. Build it, and They Will Come

27. High Definition

28. Relaxation

29. Make Up a New Word

30. Make Up a New Meaning

31. Prediction Extrapolation

32. Creating a New Brand

33. Write a Book Structure in Under 60 Minutes

34. What Do You See in the Glass?

35. Read a Children’s Story to an Adult

36. Make a Call a Day

37. Look Up

38. If Only I Had the Money

39. It’s Good to Talk

40. Keeping Schtum

41. Chunking

42. Face a Fear

43. Seek Specific Criticism

44. Random Acts of Editing

45. Overdo it on Purpose

46. The Wrong Tool

47. Humanise Everything

48. Do it Wrong

49. The Story of Your Life

50. Number Plates

51. Get Paid Help

52. Album Challenge

53. Dice Theory

54. A New Acronym

55. Pub Crawl Story

56. Visual Illusions

57. Memory Lane

58. Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore

59. Crop Harvesting

60. Stop, Collaborate & Listen

61. Chess of SPADES

62. Pay it Forward

63. Codes and Symbols

64. Use Your Other Hand

65. Memory Lane – The Sequel

66. Say Yes For a Day

67. Google Goggles

68. Food For Thought

Recommended Reading, Resources & References

Quotations in this Book

Some Interesting Websites

References in the Text

The Bit People Skip

Ideas come from everything

Alfred Hitchcock, Film Director

We all get it at some time – a mental block. We need an idea, something fresh, and it just won’t come.

Worry no more. This is a practical guide to help you get inspired and to unleash your inner genius. It’s designed to sit on your bookshelf and come out whenever you hit that brick wall. Think of this book as your own personal Idea Factory, on tap and ready to pump out a new idea, or provoke some inspiration, at the turn of a page.

What you’ll find in this book are a number of techniques to help you to look at the world a little differently, to think outside of the box – a hackneyed phrase I dislike very much now – so let’s throw the box out of the window completely.

Inspiration lies all around, but sometimes a little prompt is required to kick-start the process and get creativity working again. At times connecting the dots can seem all but impossible, and what is required is to think a little differently in order to get a breakthrough. That’s what this book is for. It won’t answer the deeper meaning of life or every creative question you have. Its job is to prompt you to ask you great questions and give you simple ways to be creative.

In my career as a photographer, and now as an author and publisher, I have come across many people who boast of a lack of imagination, or the complete inability to come up with ideas. They sometimes sound proud of their claim; technically proficient photographers who seem to struggle with ideas for their next shoot, and aspiring authors who can’t quite seem to get on with their book. Whilst I have been accused of being naturally creative, I don’t believe that to be true. It has sometimes taken a good deal of perspiration to get the inspiration for a new project, and I have struggled in the past with serious artistic blocks, lack of self-confidence in a project, and a loss of mojo. I’ve also suffered with an over-active imagination – dreaming of business plans that can’t fail. Don’t underestimate being grounded, if that’s how you see yourself. That can be a positive advantage. But consider this: I’ve been grounded enough to make this book happen, so I’m not just a one-dimensional creative-thinker. So, if being naturally uncreative sounds like something you’d say, you can be two-dimensional and add creativity to your self-confessed sensibleness.

Anyway, this book has been assembled on the factory floor of a word processor, and it contains many of the techniques I personally use, and some I’ve seen recommended and tried out, to get the creative juices really flowing. You see, it’s a process, and one that can be stimulated.

There are four main reasons I can think of for dipping into this book, and I hope to serve them all.

You’ve hit a brick wall.

You don’t think you’re creative.

You lack the confidence to get your idea out there.

You are creative already, but want more!

This book is for anyone who’s a bit stuck. Perhaps you’ve got 75% of the way through a project but you just can’t seem to get any further. Maybe you are staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to knock on your door. This book will give you a little nudge, and set you on your way again.

Equally, this book is for anyone who thinks they don’t have a creative bone in their body, to show you why that’s not true. Perhaps your attitude might be challenged, but you wouldn’t even be reading this paragraph, unless you were just a little bit curious and open to change (otherwise, what’s the point of reading this, or any other, book?). Give some of the ideas a go. What’s the worst that can happen?

For those of you who want to do something but lack the confidence, I’d like you to look at this as a celebration of the individual. Without the cumulative thoughts, ideas, and actions of our ancestors, we wouldn’t be living in the world we are today. You can be a part of shaping the world for future

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