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A No Nonsense You: Seven Simple Steps to Find and Fulfill Your Destiny

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A No Nonsense You helps readers find and FULFILL their destinies, so they can stop waiting for the right time to live the life of their dreams. Being a jack of all trades does nothing but keep someone the master of none. So many women have a gift—something on the inside knocking to get out—but have no idea how to master that message. Cynthia Reese shows readers that while it’s okay to have some fear, it’s not okay to let fear rule their lives. A No Nonsense You shares Cynthia’s own journey and walks women through seven powerful steps to find and FULFILL their destiny. These seven powerful steps include: fear must go now; un-do the power and guilt of yesterday; like being YOU; follow the signs; instill your values, not other people’s values; learn from the greats; look, listen, and leap. A No Nonsense You shows readers how not to put off for tomorrow what they want to do today and FULFILL their way to the greatness within them.

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