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Werebear's Baby Contract: Bear Shifter Island, #4

325 pages5 hours


What's a Bear to do if his surrogate turns out to be the only woman he's ever loved? Claim her, of course.

Fredrick is a huge, hot werebear who knows one thing about love: It's hell. Ten years ago, he fell in love and he fell hard. Until his heart got broken.

Now all he wants is a baby.

But when Fredrick enters the surrogate agency, his Bear smells a very delicious scent… a very familiar scent…

Who is the woman carrying his baby?

Lucy's life is not easy. Having escaped an arranged marriage with a madman and with no money left, she turns to her last option: being a surrogate. She needs to survive.

But will she survive when the madman she was promised to wants her back?

And when she meets the bear that had her heart years ago, will he protect her and her baby?

Can Fredrick and Lucy stand the heat between them and surrender to their desire and heart once again?

This is a full length novel of 50,000 words. It is a standalone romance in the "Bear Shifter Island" series. Other parts in the series are:

"Mated to Four Werebears"

"Werebear's Nanny"

"Werebear's Baby Girl"

18+ readers only.

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