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The Assassin: Tor's Quest, #5

405 pages6 hours


Death still hunts Tor and his team 

The quest for the throne of Remeny is over and those who have survived have returned to their homes, hoping to live out the rest of their lives in peace.

This proves to be impossible, however, when the disturbing news that more of their friends have died leads them to discover that an assassin is hunting down everyone who took part in the quest. Deciding that there is safely in numbers, Tor and some of his companions on the quest decide to seek all of their friends who are still alive.

As they travel from county to country, they must uncover who hired the assassin, and why, all the while avoiding the deadly traps laid in their path and praying that they can reach their friends before the assassin does. Meeting old acquaintances they thought never to see again is not the joyful event it should be and some reunions cause more problems than they solve.

When one of the group is taken seriously ill, it is a race to find a cure before it is too late. Meanwhile, Patrick's reputation with women causes problems for him and a face from Dal's past threatens to destroy her marriage.

How can they kill a skilled assassin before he kills them? And if they succeed, how do they stop their enemy sending another assassin after them when they have no idea who he or she is?

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