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Reunited: Saved By Love, #3

305 pages3 hours


This is an erotic suspense novel.

A romance version is available  ISBN: 9781536505573

Troy Savage has driven himself crazy searching for the one that got away.  With his partner and friends finding their true loves, it is a stark reminder of all that he's lost.  Immersing himself in work to take his mind off of the perfect woman he can't seem to forget, Troy finds himself chasing ghosts while searching for Olivia, his boss's friend.

Olivia just wants to live her life free of abuse but finds herself running for her life.  While in hiding, she comes across some unlikely allies.   For the first time in two and a half years, she has hope.  Unfortunately, the danger catches up to her, and she is at risk of loosing everything she worked so hard to save, including herself.

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