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Westham Chronicles



Capturing the imaginations of much of Westham with his rank and heroism, Captain Arthur Sudbury has eyes for only one young lady, Miss Emily Hardcastle, who he once only dreamed of winning. Providence has been as cruel to the Hardcastles as it has been kind to Arthur and now their situations are reversed what more could stand in the way of the young couple's happiness?

It is not Emily but her sister, Grace, who truly appreciates the change in Captain Sudbury. Where Emily cannot see past the rumoured wealth the young captain has accrued, Grace appreciates the wit and daring of her old acquaintance. When he cannot hide his affection for her sister, she unwittingly offers her help in matching the pair, even though it means sacrificing her own chance at happiness.

Can Grace succeed in finally stepping out of her sister's shadow and will Arthur realise where his heart truly lies – not with elegant Emily, but with her clever, inquisitive sister?

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