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Alaska Nellie

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NOT A GHOST WRITTEN ROMANCE…but the true story of an Alaskan pioneer who went North as a young girl during the exciting days of the development of the Alaskan Railroad. Offers of publishers to edit her copy and rewrite the book were repeatedly rejected in order that the story might be told accurately and the true sentiment of the writer in these later years be conveyed to the reader.

Leaving gunfire and bloodshed in the rowdy mining camps of Cripple Creek, Colorado, Alaska Nellie—without friends or even acquaintances to turn to for advice or help—travelled along to the strange land that was then truly a frontier.

The hardships she endured, the cold and hunger, miles of travel on foot, pulling a sled without the aid of dogs, the dangers she encountered and kind assistance she gave to those in need have made her name one that is known and loved throughout the entire territory.

Everyone will enjoy this thrilling story of one of the few woman pioneers who lived to “carry on.”

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