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The Hungry Man
The Hungry Man
The Hungry Man
Ebook44 pages37 minutes

The Hungry Man

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About this ebook

A 30-something-year-old man, unhappy with his lot in life, once again, enters an old trail to meet a young attractive drifter.  The two men, over time, developed a unique relationship.  After receiving some life-changing news from his fiancée, the man plans to give his friend a new lease on life.  This changes, however, when he stumbles upon a mysterious killer in the woods.  Will the man attack, run or experience the fate that befell his friend and other victims? 

Release dateApr 14, 2015
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Justin Ryan

Justin Ryan is a pen name of Anthony Wilbourne. I've been writing and creating for as long as I can remember.  As an adult, I earned two Associate degrees, worked as a Web Publisher and launched a website called 1613 Enterprises--among other things.  As a child, I won many awards--such as 1st place in high school, 2nd place in a regional art show and Editor's Choice in college.  In life, I've been a kind of cowboy--trying this, that or the other.  Although it's led me down some dark paths, I'm honored to have experienced the things I had.  They've helped me realize what I really want.  As a writer, I try and channel the same attributes into my characters--which are often flawed but courageous people who learn from their mistakes and ultimately become stronger, better individuals.

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    Book preview

    The Hungry Man - Justin Ryan

    Copyright © 2015 by Justin Ryan 

    Published by 1613 Productions, a division of 1613 Enterprises 

    All rights reserved 

    This book is a work of fiction.  All characters, locales and events displayed herein are products of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance or reference to an actual person, property, locale or so forth—either living or dead—is strictly coincidental if not confidential. 

    This production is protected by a private license.  No part of this work may be reproduced, transmitted or distributed—whether mechanically, electronically, photographically or otherwise—without official written permission from the publisher. 

    If you wish to contact us, you may do so via The1613s.net

    Written by Justin Ryan 

    Edited by Anthony Wilbourne 

    Book art and design by Anthony Wilbourne 

    ISBN-13: 978-1386256403 

    Tenth edition, printed in January 2023 in the United States of America 

    Ninth edition printed in October 2018 

    Eighth edition printed in March 2017 

    Seventh edition printed in December 2016 

    Sixth edition printed in November 2016 

    Fifth edition printed in August 2016 

    Fourth edition printed in June 2016 

    Third edition printed in February 2016 

    Second ebook edition printed in July 2015 

    Originally printed as an ebook in April 2015  


    This Story was Inspired by

    The Lovers of Horror and Other Loyal Misfits 


    Dedicated to 

    Derek B. 


    And she said, ‘To taste death and yet give life, wow, what a trick.’ 

    - Virginia Graham, 1969 



    Good evening and thank you for joining us on the 10 o’ clock news.  I’m Stacy Larkin.  Another senseless crime rocked our fair city today.  One man’s account of a wild spree killer robbed the lives of two police officers, a father and a young man.  Sources tell us that the killings could be connected to the death of a local 13-year-old girl whose body was found only a few short days ago.  News Correspondent Becky Raslin reports the story. 

    At approximately 2:10 AM, Wessex police found two of their colleagues, Timothy O’Rourke and Annabelle Soto, dead in the parking lot of Wessex Community College.  The officers were investigating the alleged murders of two men along Paul DeCarlo Trail. 

    He came running into the station.  Frantic.  Bl...beaten.  Reporting a murder.  At the time, it didn’t seem like the kind of crime that required more than just a couple officers. 

    The young man reporting the incident told Lindeke that he and one of the victims were exploring the area when a crazed cannibalistic madman attacked them, ultimately leaving four dead bodies in his wake.  He also claimed to have narrowly escaped with his own life. 

    The bodies were obscenely dismembered.  Just ripped apart.  We’re still trying to pick up all the pieces.  We haven’t seen anything this bad since the little girl in Clayton. 

    That girl was 13-year-old Bryce Garland whose parents found savagely mutilated in a field no more than ten yards from the family’s house.  She was pronounced dead by hospital staff on Friday, April 11th.  Here’s a clip from the interview we conducted with the Garlands earlier today. 

    Bryce was a wonderful child.  Beautiful.  Athletic. 


    Yes, very smart.  Fabulous student.  Everybody loved her. 

    "I remember this bake sale her and her friends organized.  They wanted to attend

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