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Negotiating the Maze: from self-published writer to successful authorpreneur

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This is not a book about writing...
This is a book about being a writer. A guide for the self-published writer who wants to be in control of every aspect of the process of creating and publishing fiction or non-fiction.

Modern Authors are more than writers...
Self-published authors need to know about editing, cover design, budgets, marketing and many other things. In today's market the author needs to be a business person, an authorpreneur.

Don't become lost in the maze of self-publishing
If you are an author, published or not, this book gives you the guidelines you need to take the first steps towards the success you want for yourself and your writing.

A summary of the table of contents
1 The Book - an overview of the various genres, and word counts
2 Writing Tools - writing software, and other tools that may be employed during the planning, and writing of a book
3 The Cover - cover graphics, visual branding, and other considerations in the design of a book cover
4 Preparation for Publication - alpha and beta readers, working with an editor, formatting of books and ebooks, etc.
5 Publication Options - traditional and self-publishing options are discussed
6 Marketing Strategy - branding, developing a marketing strategy, social media and blogging, reviews, tips on launching a book, and other aspects of being a published writer
7 Time Management - writing around a day job, and other aspects of the writer's life
8 Budget - costs of self-, and traditional publishing
9 Writers Groups - online and face-to-face writers' groups
10 Other aspects including writing for competitions and NaNoWriMo
11 References and Useful Links

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