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Years ago, Auroran colonist Nick was captured and brought onboard the Morninstar, the Chinzhoi generation ship that has roamed the galaxy for two centuries. Eventually Nick was accepted as part of the Morninstar crew, and he accepted his fate; that he would never set foot on solid ground again, or return to the planet he had ever so briefly called home, Aurora. He counts himself lucky though, for most of the others onboard have never even seen the stars, let alone set foot on a planet. They are born to eke out their lives inside the starship, from the day they are born and until they die. Nick has seen the stars though, and he still gets to see the stars once in a while, since he is one of the few chosen to perform the EVAs necessary to maintain the ship. That has been enough so far. Then, one day he learns that he may have a chance to be part of a small settlement on an Earth-like planet that seem able to sustain life. Most Chinzhoi colonies have so far proved to be unsuitable for humans, and it seems that Management uses colonization more to cull the growing population from time to time than for anything else. Whether Eden will prove otherwise has yet to be determined, but Nick has survived a dying Earth, war on Aurora, and years of captivity. He is determined to survive Eden as well.

Eden is an Aurora Universe story, and takes place several years after the events of Genesis, the third book of the Exodus Trilogy.

"For a long time, there was Heinlein, Drake, Weber, and some of Ringo's stuff. Add Andreas Christensen." James R. Kratzer

"Andreas keeps getting better and better with each book he writes!" Traci Maynard

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