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Lily and Philip

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Are you ready for a touching story?

Two broken people who are able to fill the needs of the other helping them become whole and healthy.

You will be struck by how far the pendulum swung.

Her depths and her broken path to that hillside.

His terrors and flashback nightmares.

And yet it works.

They came out on the other side (the other end of the swing) into happiness.

er was murdered when she was 19tandalone. read

From beta readers:

"Well done thoroughly enjoyed the un-put-downable page turner. Once again, Barbara, your skills shine forth."

"Again, you entertain and delight with a very very good story... Could not put it down until I finished reading!"

"I really thought you developed your characters well and defined the storyline nicely. I enjoyed the interplay and their character flaws. A very well done story overall for me."

"I dare say I think you've seen a bit of the uglier side of humanity in your life, and what can result from it, but you've kept yourself from bitterness and cynicism. I certainly hope you write more; what you have given the ebook reader population is special and everyone should realize it if they don't already. I am humbled, and in awe."

"Hey, Barbara, when are you going to write a proper novel that will make 'fifty shades' look like letters to the penthouse? You are the Maupassant of erotica! Stop writing novellas, or series. I want to read a full-length novel from you. A standalone."

"Your skills on words are awesome your story just brought some tears in my eyes. It was really emotional and real. I hope you write books like this with different occasions."

"You continue to weave your stories with craft and surprise. Please continue!"

"For dabbling in different genres, you have lots of talent. This was another enthralling story. I just wish it could go on longer."

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