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Wolves in the Fae Court



Ryden agreed to represent the Sons of Fenrir at the wedding of the fae king with every intention of leaving the reception as fast as his strict code of conduct would allow. Finding his mate there leaves him reeling, especially since his clan will never accept the omega wolf shifter. Ryden has a duty to his people and can’t allow Owen to influence him, no matter how sweet and tempting the little wolf proves to be.

But Owen refuses to give up. He understands why the fierce warrior thinks they won’t be a good match, but he feels the gods know what they’re doing. His persistence lands them in trouble, though, and now all he can do is continue trying to convince his mate they were fated for a reason.

Owen does all he can to woo the stubborn man, oblivious to how their mating is going to change fae history forever.

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