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Members of the United States Congress where having long and passionate debates over how to deal with radical Islamist doctrine that permitted and practiced brazen extortion on non-Muslims merchants ships. Some Americans wanted to talk with the pirates to convince them that their actions were wrong. Some of our citizens and politicians wanted to continue paying ransom, thinking the problem would eventually go away. The Muslim terrorists in Northern Africa, with the approval of the Dey of Algiers, were sworn to carry out jihad against all Western powers. Captain William Bainbridge suggested that a continuous policy of burying ones head in the sand was going to shut trade off. Bainbridge takes tributes to the Dey of Algiers.Bainbridge lost his ship and was captured in 1803 and imprisoned until 1805. Hostilities against Americans was plenteous. Americans at sea were thought to be weak and easily intimidated. The book details Bainbridge's victorious sea battle in 1812 of Old Ironsides defeating the British war-ship, HMS Java. President Jefferson addressed Congress:
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