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60 Minutes to Raise the Dead

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Recently, I heard a description of an evangelical sermon as 'thirty minutes to raise the dead.' This, of course, refers to the Bible's description of non-Christians as being 'dead in their sins' (Ephesians 6:1) - in other words, as spiritually dead as a result of having no relationship with God, the giver of all life – and the desire of the preacher for the hearer to find new life in, and through, Jesus Christ.  

This book, Sixty Minutes to Raise the Dead began life as 6 talks, each of 10 minutes duration, and broadcast as part of a Search For Truth podcast series of the same name. Across the total of 60 minutes, the series explained in turn each of the five major words in a Bible text (Ephesians 2:8-9) that sums up most clearly how it is that a ('dead') person finds new life in Jesus Christ, God's son and our saviour. And hence the title!

In the course of the later compilation of this book, two additional chapters, chapters 5 and 6, have been added with Bible answers to two very important questions that these verses might raise in readers' minds;  but please don't feel you have to speed-read in order to consume all eight chapters in sixty minutes!

It is our prayer that God may be pleased to use this little book to bring to life, in this way, many who read its pages.

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