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Mandy: The Order of the Crossbones, #1

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After what was supposed to be a benign affair, after all, Tom had told Mandy that he and his wife were in an open marriage, they stayed together for the kids and his political campaign. All becomes revealed, as Mandy joins The Order of the Crossbones, and learns that Tom has opened up his marriage all over Washington DC. 

Mandy, a naive, Indiana native just graduated from college and began the start of her dream career as a legislative aide to junior Indiana Senator, Thomas Woodward. Senator Woodward develops a liking to Mandy and moves her to his DC office. There, they begin their affair. 

In the midst of their trysts, Mandy finds out that he has a number of conquests around DC. She is sought out by a secret society and becomes involved in their plan to expose Senator Woodward's underhanded oil deal with the UAE for campaign dollars. Find out if Mandy is able to keep her hands clean as she becomes integral in the plan to leak information about Senator Woodward to the press. This is the first installment of The Order of the Crossbones series.

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