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Forgive Their Sins: A Journey to the Truth Series Book 1, 2nd Edition

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Madasin Lake has everything most typical teenage girls could only wish for; popularity, wealthy parents that adore her, a secret hot boyfriend, and her best friend of 11 years, Dakota Hensley. Madasin’s life changes for the worst the day after her sweet sixteen birthday party when she woke by her parents after she dreamed Dakota had drowned while at the lake with some friends. It’s only upon Madasin arriving at school she discovers that Dakota passed away in her sleep the night of her birthday. Grief stricken and unable to function, Madasin is losing her will to live without her best friend. Miraculously, Dakota comes back to earth from heaven a few weeks after her funeral to help Madasin’s guardian angel, Zarlus, find out why the dream of her death came true in the same manner that Madasin dreamed it. In their search, what they find out will turn all of their worlds upside down, and it’s only a matter of time before Madasin falls asleep again.

Who will be the next victim in Madasin’s dream before they discover what is happening to her?

Forgive Their Sins: A Journey to the Truth Series, will take you on a wild ride between good versus evil to save the lives of Madasin’s love ones.

Which side will prevail?

Only the truth will decide.

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