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Maiden Book: How to Plan, Outline and Write Your First Book

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Are you a Corporate Professional who wants to write your first book?

Look no further. The thought of writing a book as you work an 8 - 5 job seems like a monumental task. It looks impossible. 

Maiden Book is your solution to writing your first non-fiction book without having to take time off work. It shows you how to write a book and where to find time to write. It will guide you in planning, outlining and writing your book. It is practical and goes straight to the point. No fluff. You will have a publish-ready manuscript in no time.

This book focuses on the writing process. It does not touch on publishing and marketing of your book. Why? They are a distraction at this stage. As a first-time author, your focus is on producing a polished manuscript that a publisher will accept. If you are self-publishing, you want to produce a quality book helpful to your audience. 

Maiden Book is for any Corporate Professional who wants to write a book while working a day job and without stealing your employer's time.

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