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Off Limits to the Alpha

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Captain Caleb "Cal" Appleton, is on medical leave after an injury in Afghanistan, with four years left to go on his tour with the Green Berets. His road to wellness, and back to his team, has been a long one, but it is made easier when he acquires a new neighbor, Vivica Bassett, the girl he once loved and left for the Army. Now she's a fitness instructor and physical therapist in his gym, with a sexy body and sassy attitude that makes him crazy. He wants her, even though she's married and off limits. However, he knows that he can't dishonor his rank or his company, and he struggles to keep their relationship clear and above board.

Until she is raped, and he knows it is her husband who did it. Cal saves Viv from even more harm, but must find a way to help her overcome the terrible act. And he is also determined to get her back for himself, if he can only show her how much she really means to him.

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