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Part of the Family

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Media mogul Everett 'Ev' Morgan has been widowed for two years, and has spent the last year satisfying his renewed libido with one woman after another. But his son Danny is growing faster than Ev can keep up with him. The nanny he had for the first three years of Danny's life has retired to Florida to be with her grandchildren, and the new nanny is young and inexperienced, even if she's a great lay. But he needs someone who can do more than bathe and feed his son and open her legs when Ev is desperate for sex. Unless he can find an older woman willing to help him raise his toddler, he'll have to cut back on his blistering work schedule even more to be there for Danny. He's too busy to fall in love, though he's quite happy to scratch his itch as often as he can. And anyway, he's not willing to entertain the possibility of losing a second woman to childbirth. He loves his son, and that's more than enough for him. And then he meets Max.

Maxine 'Max' Cousins is the busy new director of the city's largest non-profit organization, Hope For All. She oversees the work of social workers, lawyers, church groups, and aid organizations that provide services for the elderly, the homeless, and the poor. She meets Ev while she's on a last-minute shopping run at the mall. The sparks fly, and not in a good way. So when she discovers that the man she has been unforgivably rude to is their top donor, she is horrified. On the night of the event, Max is quick to apologize, fearful for her job, and says if there's anything she can do for Ev, he's to let her know. Which is how she comes to find him the perfect nanny for his son...and how she ends up falling in love with a playboy.

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