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Fighting Irish

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Savannah Jones feels completely isolated at her publishing company, where getting a meaningful assignment means flashing your cleavage and exploiting your femininity. When she challenges these standards, however, she finds herself saddled with an impossible client: world champion MMA fighter Torran Maloney. The Irishman's hotheaded brashness drives her up the wall, but Savannah can't deny the instant attraction between them. What he doesn't realize is that her upbringing and innate stubbornness make her more than a worthy opponent, even for someone who's been fighting his entire life.

Torran has spent his entire life working his way up from the bottom. To him, being a champion is just a title. Fighting for sport is what he lives for- and what helps him escape his past. When a new publicist literally forces her way into his life, Torran is forced to admit that maybe she can do for him what he couldn't do for himself; and maybe, just maybe, Savannah Jones is the one thing he's been missing.

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