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The Kings of No Man's Land: Gaslight Vamp, #3

253 pages3 hours


The city of New Babylon is a fortress, guarded from the inside by battlements and service men whose purpose has long been forgotten by the masses. High walls border the city and the ruins beyond, and outside of New Babylon, on the edges of civilisation, lies no man's land, where the hungry feast on the fading promise of blood and glory. Where he who conquers starvation is king.

When disgraced reporter, Dalla Arnesen, and foul-mouthed night-companion, Micha Vukovic, find themselves beyond the borders of New Babylon, they see, first-hand, what hunger has made of the kings of no man's land. It is there that they must make their choice; to live blind, or to bring the monsters of New Babylon out, into the light.

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