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Finding Ava

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He's made it big in the fashion industry...billions big. His fabrics and designs are sought after by trendsetting couturiers around the world. But the one thing Zachary Masterson wants more than money, fame, or high-profile connections, is a woman to love and make a family with. When he meets the woman of his dreams, she's nothing like he expected.

Ava Dickinson is black and older than he is by five years. She's independent, opinionated, and tough, with no interest in stroking his ego. And she's a schoolteacher in a public school in a dangerous city. How will he ever convince her that she belongs with him? Despite the initial difficulty of persuading her that his interest in her is serious, they grow close. Then she's abducted. Will he find her in time, before that madman takes away the one thing he knows he cannot live without?

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