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No Perfect Secret: The IMPERFECTION Series, #4

295 pages4 hours


Formerly titled Same Difference 

Some hauntings aren't from ghosts, as Paige Kasey is painfully aware. A confident and stylish professional, she is the youngest owner of a seaside multimillion-dollar real estate agency. But no amount of money could evict her demons. 

Falcon Grey's military training has given him an edge to take down the enemy no matter where they hide. As a partner of MarSin Falcon Security, he has an uncanny ability to find the scum that lives in the shadows of the dark web. As a notorious flirt, women are a luxury he can well afford. There is only one woman who kept him at arm's length, and she's the one he can't forget. 

When a visit to Sin City promises Falcon the welcome cocktail of business and pleasure the last bet he would have placed would have been on running into Paige—and what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. 

Book Four of The IMPERFECTION Series 

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