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Recipe for Love

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Julian West has appeared on every '30 Influential Men Under 30' list since his twenty first birthday. Arrogant, brilliant, and filthy rich, he travels in the best of societies circles, but works hard at his job and his marriage. At least until he splits up with his wife and becomes headline news for something other than his business sense, causing him to bury himself in his work as CEO of one of the most affluent tech companies in the world. 

Cecelia Hamilton has appeared on no magazine covers, but she works just as hard, running her own catering business. She's more interested in saving money and growing her business than finding love, but of course, things don't always go to plan, do they? When her company is hired to cater the retirement party for one of the senior members of Julian's staff, their paths collide, and they're drawn to each other instantly. Julian likes that Cecila isn't flustered and fawning, and Cecelia can look past Julian's arrogance to see that there's more to him than meets the eye. But with the combination of Julian's ex-wife's antics and demands for money, the media hounding them relentlessly, and a sudden slip up that could change both of their lives forever, will they even have a chance to see what could come from the chemistry between them? 

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