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The Cowboy's Baby

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Esme Carter is struggling to be recognized in the culinary world. While her talent would normally set her apart, higher ups have marginalized her to the point where her prowess in the kitchen goes unnoticed, and she goes through jobs like Kleenex. When a surrogate ad catches her eye, the young woman decides to put her rigorously clean bill of health to use by providing a loving couple with the baby they can't conceive. However, upon meeting billionaire beef baron Daniel Hartsford, she'll discover that remaining emotionally unattached is far more complicated than she might have thought; and that the man's southern drawl and guarded heart make her feel more than she thought she ever could. 

Daniel Hartsford has worked his entire life to create a thriving Cattle ranch. His beef is one of the top exports in the world and he can afford any luxury money can buy. What the rancher- turned-businessman wants, however, is a child. A progeny to carry on his legacy - and to hold his heart. When his volatile partner walks out on him with the surrogacy seed already planted, he invites the decadent Esme Carter to live on his ranch to better aid her during the course of her pregnancy. What Daniel will discover, however, is that Esme stands to teach him more about women than he ever thought possible - and all about love he'll ever need to know. 

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