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No Perfect Man: The IMPERFECTION Series, #1

289 pages


Formerly titled Positive Negativity According to the press, Declan Sinclair has it all – and he's had enough. After a decade in the fast-paced, image-driven, modeling scene he needs a change of pace. Escaping to his seaside home gives him a place to sort his thoughts and gain some clarity. Aria Cole has built a successful renovation business. With the help of her father, she has learned that the only thing limiting a woman is her belief in herself. But what happens when the person she leans on the most is no longer there? As Aria struggles over the death of her father, she revisits the place of cherished memories. Daily walks beside the ocean offer the solace she so desperately seeks. When a freak thunderstorm causes her to cross paths with a handsome stranger, lightning isn't the only electricity in the air. Book One of The IMPERFECTION Series 

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