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Alfuego Nemisis I: Awakening

428 pages6 hours


If you like strong, determined, talented women who know what they want and how to get it, in a man's world that should preclude feminine values, you will love this book.
After barely coming out on top in a spectacular deep space battle, for which the juggernaut, the A. S. P. Alfuego, was designed, the huge vessel was alone, without engines or power, and helpless. In space, millions, even billions of kilometers, in distance or speed, mean nothing. There is too much of it. And easy to get lost.
So, out of control, without record or responsibility for direction or speed, seemingly forever, the big vessel drifted for almost three years at near light speed, while the surviving forty-one members of the crew, barely ten percent remnant, worked feverishly to get things patched up and running.
Lacking real engineers and techs, cooks and service personnel learned new duties the hard way, at the School of Hard Knocks. Space sailors are a hardy, inventive bunch.
No techs? Promote a warehouseman. Missing weapons masters? Train a Quartermaster.
But the Alfuego, tumbling awkwardly along, was moving damned fast. At eighty-five percent the speed of light, roughly 850,000 kilometers per hour, the big ship was a mere bullet. No controls, no steering, no stopping. Hang on and ride... maybe forever.
A chilling, multi-generational three part tale of space survival, love and loss- and along the way, love, hope and... triumph! - Battles and all- by #TheStoryteller G. Weldon Tucker

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