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Alfuego: Nemesis II- Ascension

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Krista Angela Corrinder, not even seventeen, had been forced to grow up quickly. With ninety percent of the crew dead, the huge battleship, Alfuego, nearly destroyed, everything went to high speed, growth, repairs, preparation.
Named for a then famous, now forgotten Admiral in the A. S. P., or Alliance Space Patrol, the name was often reduced, aptly, to ‘Off we go...’
Introduced to the weapons system, via her fascination for vid games and her skill, she was a fast learner and became quite adept at keeping vicious aliens off the Alfuego. From that rocky start had grown a career, one that her friends on Colspice might envy. If only they still existed.
A light year out meant they traveled damned fast, and really, really far, but a year went by, in real time. A hundred light years? So long friends and family. Three hundred? Same story, but add... forgotten.
The mantra was the same: No one to go home to, and Captain Leala Corrinder, Mother, had found a lover in the Dinae, a man in line for the First Ruler slot, essentially a King, though the Dinae did not know what that meant. They lived it... in innocence.
Krista thought Mother knew how to pick ‘em. Leala bore the future king a beautiful girl, and settled down, much as she had sworn never to do. Well, she kept the Admiral role; she just stopped strapping into super speedy death machines. Oh, sure, she put up a good front for the first several years.
Meanwhile, of course, Krista worked her way up the ladder. It was, after all, a very short ladder. Only twelve people from the Alliance Security Patrol left, after that Phyrric Victory over Colspice. All of them assimilated into the Dinae society quite easily, mostly from having forty to more than a hundred or more Dinae on board at any one time. Language was no difficulty, for they all wore the incredible bracelet translators the well advanced Dinae had given them.
Not only that, but English as a second language courses blossomed on board the Alfuego. Typical English speaking arrogance.
By the time Angela, her half sister, was five, and two more children followed, Leala (of Book I fame) was still the full-fledged Admiral of the Hope Defense Fleet. However, she was finding her requirements on the planet they’d taken from the hated Geckos and settled, Hope, to be more a demand than a standing force of will on the bridge.
In an ongoing war, the Admiral often commanded the fleet from a flagship, but for twelve years, now, there had been no war. The Fleet Office HQ was Leala’s new home, and the patrol and exploration now fell to the younger officers.
Meanwhile, Krista moved from a simple weapons officer to Weapons Master, then Senior WM, and rather quickly, a sideways jump to Commander. She was vying with others who had reached Commander status, but there were mitigations to consider. Most were Commanders of a particular division, as in hydroponics, or water management, even galley or warehouse areas. They did not qualify to run the Alfuego. She did. The second phase of the multi-generational space saga, Alfuego: Nemesis. A fast paced space opera with many grand battles, vicious, determined aliens, odd, but friendly humans much older than those on earth ever.
A fun ride by #TheStoryteller, G. Weldon Tucker

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