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Alfuefo: Nemesis III- Revenge

494 pages7 hours


The refugee armada arrived years ago. Clear from Colspice, barely ten light years from Earth. And that nearly forty more light years from Hope. Their faster than light speed travel was almost twelve years, so whatever the Geckos or Nightmares were doing, they've had plenty of time to do it.
The Dinae Fleet begins to gear up for the rescue, which is far too late, so call it the revenge flight, but like any military elephant, there is the getting ready to get ready slow, ponderous process. Need more ships, need more materials, need more trained crews...and finally, nearly twenty years out, mankind is going to Colspice and Earth and, if needed, take them back.
But there are some shocks, some disappointments, and things that will make us angry. The Geckos must go. The initial exterminations failed. We dare not fail again...
And this time, this far out, there are more changes in the status of the bridge. The Corrinders are very hard to hold back... Come with the Alfuego as she tries to handle the vicious attacks at both ends of the trail, as the aliens fight back, going for Hope, mankind's new home...
Mankind has always wondered if we are alone. Now that the Corrinders know different, they have decided that perhaps it should be so. It might stop the constant assaults by the Nightmares and the Geckos. Maybe.

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