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Red Alpha

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Cadence Freedman is a newly minted intelligence agent on her way to Moscow. Her assignment: gather information that could prevent potential nuclear warfare - if, indeed, such intel exists. Cadence, however, hosts a secret mission all her own. To achieve her goals, she must cross paths with Demyan Boykov, Russian Prime Minister Osip Danshov's personal bank and one of the country's most dangerous public figures. Instantly drawn to him, Cadence realizes that sticking to regulation might not be as easy as she hoped - and that Boykov might be enough to tempt her from the straight and narrow.

Demyan Boykov lives beneath the rigid control of the state. Of all those beneath the facade of democracy, he knows most intimately what Russia's past has cost its people. Cadence Freedman provides a welcomed distraction from the monotony of his prison, and her body offers a plethora of delights he longs to sample. When the young agent seeks his secrets however, their ambitions clash and they find themselves collaborating in a plot with thousands of lives in the balance - as well as the sanctity of their hearts.

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