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Position with Beneftis

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Grace Summers is pretty thrilled with the way her life is going at the moment. She's fresh out of college with a major in Biology, has managed to land a lucrative job as the personal assistant to one of the biggest up and coming lawyers in the city, and on top of that, she's sleeping with a rich, attractive man. It's a life that plenty of other women would kill for. 

The only problem? The man and her boss happen to be the same person, and it's definitely against the rules for them to be having their affair. 
What's worse is that she seems to be falling for him, the more she gets to know him, against her better judgment and the advice of her friends. Now she has to struggle to keep her work life and private life separate, all the while trying to keep her feelings under wraps so she won't weird him out, or worse, get fired. All she has to do is keep it together until she goes off to grad school, and that's not so hard, right? 

If only. When she starts feeling sick and noticing changes in her body, she attributes it to stress from work and keeping everything in, but there just might be a whole new bundle of complications on the way. 

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