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Feng Shui Symbols: Ancient Secrets to Finding Love and Wealth

54 pages37 minutes


George Birdsall who previously sold 50,000 copies of his first Feng Shui Book ( "Feng Shui - The Key Concepts"), has now written this "24 A4 page book" to give readers a quick overview of some Feng Shui concepts and how they can apply them in their lives to make a difference.
While giving an overview to Feng Shui he shows how the symbolic nature of furnishings, colours and layouts can have an impact on your relationships, wealth career and more.
Chapters include information on methods of Feng Shui, Five Elements of Feng Shui, Creating a Happy Home with Feng Shui, Using Mirrors, Feng Shui in the Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Home Office. How to apply Feng Shui to your business and even your website.

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