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Journey To The Land Of Ishmael

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Disturbed is  adventure, war-drama, action -thriller that may put readers feel anxious and about the consequences and outcome of  emotional distress and paranoia in a far- away place that is threatened by chaos and impending incursion of an enemy in the area The story began at the height of the Persian Gulf Crisis, a batch of young hotel recruits from  Asian regions are recruited to serve the Islamic Summit Conference in the war-threatened Kuwait.  Thinking there is a great earning opportunity in the region, excited recruits grab the attractive job offer just to realize the actual scenario in the region that is gripped with terror as troubled and disturbed citizens are vigilant and cramming up to avoid the place. Intermingling with men of varied cultures within the camp's mixed culture, the weak strive to survive the test of life as psychological trauma of war-syndrome haunts the uncomfortable young minds.  There is no way of backing out to finish the job contract in the ghostly-towns of the state  while some terror-gripped and emotionally unstable young men plead the Camp Manager, J. Patterson that they be granted exit pass to be home. However, some of these young men are discovered to be taking secretly-acquired drugs to calm down. The young and inexperienced  men struggle to live  a shocking ordeal of fear and anxiety of the war-threatened environment until the most awaited event comes. A traumatic nightmare effected by psychological effect of fear, depression, anguish and moral shock haunt them until they learn to cope with the situation to the end.

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