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It always starts with a woman, doesn't it? Except this time it starts with two women. And Elvis.

I'm Harry-the-Homebody, ultimate geek married to my job. Really, I love two women: my gorgeous Hawaiian Island and my Lyssa. Or I wish she was mine. She travels the world, can't wait to be off on the next adventure. I can't imagine ever leaving. Sure, she loves me. Like she loves her brother, my best friend. Until one hour in Elvis changes everything.

I'm too damned old for this! Wtf? Seriously? I'm Alyssa the Wanderer. Flying is my life! So why am I giving up everything to marry Harry Kanae, a guy I've known forever? Does being pregnant make you lose your mind? Because I can't seem to get enough of him. How did he get so damned sexy? And when can I leave this Island? There's a whole world to see! And can I leave Harry?

I'm through being patient. Or tolerant. Do they believe they control my creations? My children? I am above them all! Mightier and ageless. How dare they consider themselves anything but the vermin they are. Let the foolish mortals burn!

Sparks fly hotter than Mount Kilauea's lava when one long-awaited night of passion becomes a full-time commitment. Will these polar opposite life-long buddies discover something more than friendship love? An ancient (and totally pissed) Volcano Goddess Pele and a red convertible called Elvis might just have to assist.

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