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Ghost On The Platform: Ghosts, crashes, suicides, murders and freak accidents on the London Underground

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The London Underground has an established reputation for mysterious, if not supernatural, disturbances.
Crashes, suicides, murders and freak accidents, have left about every station in London with their own ghoulish legacy.
The history of Liverpool Street underground alone is enough to make it a place to avoid if you are easily spooked.
Hearing strange sounds floating up the back staircases of the older stations, or slamming doors, is nothing remarkable, especially given they are linked to miles of windy tubes.
The network is one huge sounding-board transmitting, and possibly intensifying, certain kinds of noise.
But, as you'll discover, sad spirits – possibly over 4,000 of them still linger in its labyrinth of dark passages. Countless passengers have been left distraught after ghostly encounters, others were unaware they were in the presence of ghosts.
The underground has been London's go-to suicide spot for over 100-years, and many have taken that awful plunge. Just about every station in London has witnessed the moan of a soul in pain as they jumped before speeding trains.
You'll be amazed and puzzled, at how so many people were drawn to the same spot to commit their final act. In the years between 1940 and 1990 there were 3240 deaths – but as you'll read, there was an alarming number of suicides prior to then.
Today the tube remains active with paranormal occurrences, from apparitions, unexplained creaks and groans to strange voices and crying to footsteps and demonic screaming.
This deeply researched book documents countless long-forgotten incidents and tales of spirits restlessly roaming stations at night.

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