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I Did It. . .You Can, Too!

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Have you ever considered going back to school but thought it would be too hard? Or that you were too old? Or that you simply couldn't afford it? Have setbacks, challenges and false starts been unwelcomed companions in your life? I had all the same doubts and fears, but with lots of faith and hard work, I persevered. And so should you!
I know what it's like going through life with a limited amount of education and being barely able to make ends meet because of it.Thankfully, a friend showed me how going to college and earning a degree could increase my earning potential, enable me to have the career I desired and set an example for my children and my community.
The information in this booklet is designed to help you forget past failures, teach you how to rely on spiritual faith to get you through rough times, help you overcome obstacles such as money, time and lack of confidence, equip you with strategies to deal with challenging courses and provide you with many more insights on your college journey, even before you start!

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