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Blood of My Blood

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Some called him a traitor to his people. Some believed he was leading the Comanche on the only path to survival in the face of the white man's relentless drive westward. He was Quanah Parker, a half-white Comanche outcast who became a warrior, then rose to lead his people in their most desperate time.

The Comanche have become a people whose way of life is dying. Dependent on the buffalo for food, they face starvation in the wake of the white man's wholesale slaughter of the once-magnificent herds. As a young brave, Quanah Parker joins a band of Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Arapaho who have sworn, under the leadership of the powerful medicine man Eeshati, to ride against the bluecoats and rid the land of the white scourge.

But nothing can stop the tide of expansion, and Quanah confronts a bitter choice: to resist change and the white man to the very death, or to embrace a strange new way of life for his people...and hope that it is not the road to annihilation.

Acclaimed for his novels of the American frontier, Geo W. Proctor dramatically brings to life the story of a fascinating figure of a changing West.

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