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The Dragons Rule- The Quest Book V

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Joey gave the members of her expedition team the chance to go home. After all, few of them were in good enough condition to fly thirty thousand feet. They had the map from the Gold Clan Queen, and it showed them the way to slip in at a lower elevation, but eventually, to reach the top of the world, they were going to have to go up where the air is too thin to support a heavy dragon. Some would fall off the trek. Some would refuse, but she would let none of them become injured or worse. They flew true to the map in Joey’s head, finally finding the tallest peak in the Himalayas. Almost at the top of that monster mountain was an Old One who would have the answers to her question, “What is happening to the dragons of Dragonia?” But to get the answer, they had to make this bravest trip of all. G. Weldon Tucker #TheStoryteller

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