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Bound By Blood

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Bound by Blood- Book 3 of the Blood Series
Dr. Sofia Pierce is still under house arrest in the attempt to protect her from the killer, Vega, with sixteen bad-ass warriors from The Alliance. It's like having sixteen dragons perched on the perimeter of the family home to protect her.

Having the toughest, meanest warriors The Alliance had on staff dogging her every move is difficult. But Sofia is determined to make them laugh and have fun with her. It’s her life’s mission to wipe the scowls from their handsome as sin faces and make them smile.

Her antics with two lethal teams only accomplish one thing; these men adore the shit out of her. And they will do anything for Sofia.

Sofia’s bond to Ambrose, the man she lovingly calls Vader, continues to grow. The days when she was afraid to be alone with him in a room are long gone. She considers the tough Ambrose Kane her friend and her protector.

In the process to protect Sofia from the killer, Vega, five men deceive her, tearing her heart out. The deceit of the five men, who she trusted with her every fiber, sent her fleeing into her surrogate father's protection. She brings the five warriors to their knees when she severs all contact along with her blood, forcing them all feel the wrath of her pain.

The pain these five men will suffer for what they did to her, will change them all forever. When Sofia realizes life without all of them is too painful, she decides to go back home and forgive them.

But for one, she will make work harder for her forgiveness. And she will bring this tough warrior to his knees for her.

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