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LeBron James

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LeBron James

The Inspirational Story of the Basketball Career and Life of LeBron James

By Patrick Bunker

In the history of professional basketball there have only been a few players that could be considered as superstars. When people think about the superstars of basketball, they think about Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. LeBron James has accomplished almost as much as these superstars and he still has the ability to play basketball for a long time.
LeBron James has had a very eventful career. He has been the target of criticism on many different occasions. It appears that each time he was negatively criticized; he only worked harder and got better. LeBron’s life was very difficult growing up and his story is very inspirational.
LeBron seems to have taken all of the negativity in his life and turned it into motivation. LeBron is a natural athlete due to his size and skill. He still had to work very hard to become the positive role model that he is today.
In this book you will learn about LeBron’s life journey. You will discover how he managed to do great things when the odds were stacked against him. LeBron’s story has the ability to inspire other people to improve their lives and accomplish great things.

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