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Aegis Group Box Set (Books 2 - 4)

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Dangerous in Training, Aegis Group 2

Mason is a man ready to put it all on the line to rescue the woman he loves. Love and honor are put to the test when he accompanies his best friend on a Mexico vacation.

Dangerous Games, Aegis Group 3

A web of lies and deceit ensnare two lovers. Zain must use more than his brain and quick fingers to put a stop to the doxxing and death threats before a killer emerges from the ranks of Andrea's friends.

Dangerous Assignment, Aegis Group 4

Luke doesn't know if the woman he's fallen for is a terrorist or something worse. Explosive desire isn't a license for murder, but he can't live without her. With the authorities closing in, Luke must decide who to trust—law or love.

Aegis Group

Dangerous Attraction Dangerous in Training Dangerous Games Dangerous Assignment Dangerous Protector Dangerous Secrets Dangerous Betrayal Dangerous Heat Dangerous Exposure (coming soon) More soon!

Aegis Group Alpha Team: an Aegis Group spin-off

Dangerous in Love Dangerous in Action Dangerous in Transit Dangerous in Motion Dangerous in Charge

Aegis Group Lepta Team: an Aegis Group spin-off

Dangerously Taken Dangerously Involved Dangerously Deceived Dangerously Broken (2019) Dangerously Entwined (2019)

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