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The Precious Quest II: An Epic Fantasy of Love, Faith and Redemption: The Precious Quest, #2

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Having lost her lover to a goddess-blessed female, and her wound-hound to a terrible death, Laywren, Queen of the Horde, focuses on all she has left—vengeance against the serpent.


As her lover, Dorn, and the chosen one come together, Laywren burns with jealousy and war-fever.

Unable to act until the coupling is finished, Laywren interrogates those around her. She learns of the giant's shocking origins, of the concerns her people have about her rule, and the role the serpent plays in the unnatural cycle. She also discovers the way into the mountain's heart.

When the time comes, Laywren rouses the Horde, and they set out to hunt down and slay the snake people. But the mountain caverns go deep revealing unknown secrets and perilous lairs. The Horde soon discovers that danger not only roots underground but can wing down from the skies and rake the land red with blood.

Separated from her warriors in the mountain's endless tunnels, Laywren is unaware of the betrayal that has been birthed on the lips of the chosen one and is fast spreading through her people.


Can Laywren hang onto her rule, root out the evil, and maintain her faith when even those closest to the goddess have forsaken her?

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