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Uchronian Tales: A Glimpse At Parallel Worlds Book 1

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I have been writing as a hobbyist for some time, but this is actually my very first ever published book.

As a fan of alternate history going back over a decade, I have long wanted to publish my own stories to share with the world, though only recently have I actually gotten the opportunity to do so. My discovery of flash fiction truly was a proverbial lifesaver; this format allowed me to write more freely without necessarily having to worry about super-deep worldbuilding that might have been required in full-length stories.

Generally, these stories do vary somewhat in their focus on the pure "alternative history" aspect; some are fairly well invested in the divergences themselves(i.e., what if the U.S. had annexed more Mexican territory), while in others, they take a bit more of a backseat to the general storytelling.

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