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Music Star Eyes

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Max Stravagar is a world leading expert An authoritative on subjects of modern crime family and crimes against humanity, he is also the recipient of a Hampton Book Award for discovery 2019.

“A powerful and inspirational must read...nothing like it” - DWS, USA Today

Thoughts from the Author: This eBook will turn upside down what you thought you knew about the 60s, which one does not see in a typical crimes against humanity novel/story and gain insight into this era of American history.

It is the first to focus on an unlikely Latina shero growing up in the hard streets of Brooklyn NY, music is the heart and engine and plays an important role, rape is a taboo subject within that world... shakes up what is the norm in most crime drama novels.

The e-book narrative and summery of the story line is a teaching moment and can apply to your personal life, or career, (without the guilt) in addition easy to read and understand.

Effectively this ebook will change your life.

MUSIC STAR EYES is a reminder of the fragile spirit and strong will in the face of tragedy, tells a fictionalized story based on real events, and gives you a bird’s eye view of the 1960’s sexist and drug music business side of the industry. It is a clash of the old and new world where social morals are challenged, and bad behavior is expected to be excepted. Joanna an inspiring artist a street performer, in all her years she has become street savvy, she must take her knowledge and find a way to survive keeping her dignity, but will she fall victim or become like the wolves she despises?

Her hardships and triumphs inspires the heart, in this musical epic.

Growing up in Puerto Rico Joanna discovers her voice while coming back from a radio station with a friend. Together they form a group and sing on the streets for change. She makes enough to buy matching suitcases and airplane tickets for her and her America.

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