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Freeing Heather

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Sometimes, Sanctuary feels like just another cage to this bird shifter.

It’s not like Heather couldn’t leave the fortified community whenever she wants. But the humans in the outside world are all too ready to lock up paranormals for no reason at all—and she’s definitely not interested in becoming a jailbird.

Besides, she has no place else to go. She knows what it’s like to be homeless and alone and she doesn’t want to deal with that again, either. But she’s tired of watching paras risk their lives to help others while she stays safe.

When her fated mate Wesley shows up in the coffee shop where she works and Heather learns the wolf-shifter’s daughter is still outside the safety of Sanctuary’s walls, she sees her chance to help someone, to do something valuable.

Heading out to save Wesley’s child means disobeying his alpha—and that’s nothing compared to the dangers they’ll face once they leave the protection of Sanctuary...

You’ll love Freeing Heather because true, selfless love never goes out of style.

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This is a shifter romance in the Breath of Air Collection and is a stand alone book in the Fiery Blooms series for USA Today bestselling author Kallysten.

Fiery Blooms series:

In a world where ‘paras’ are hunted like animals by the Unit for Investigation of Paranormal Persons, the resistance has begun. These men and women with extraordinary powers, some of them shifters, telepaths or pyromancers, will stop at nothing to free themselves and their kind.

The first 4 stories are available as a box set, Fiery Blooms Volume One. They are stand alone stories and do not need to be read in order.

- Burning Violet – a phoenix shifter and pyromancer romance
- Sharing Hazel – a reverse harem shifter romance
- Saving Marigold – a dragon shifter and telepath romance
- Chasing Rose – a phoenix shifters romance short story

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