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Queen Immured: Dragons Run My Life, #4

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Queen Miriajona and King Rhion of Aberystrad depart Lindebalgh after greeting the people of Miriajona's former country. Their goal is the palace in Traenthe. As they leave, the girls who attempted their murders are exiled by Tanial, Lindebalgh's Princess Regent.

Word of the exiles reaches their families, and nothing will satisfy them save having their girls back. Ean Clague gathers his men and rides north to wreak revenge on Rhion and find a ticket to recover his girl.

Tanial, the Queen's sister, freed from her honor-bound position as Princess Regent, elects to follow Liam, her lover, as he seeks his troop, abandoned when the Princess quest began. Tanial's dragons interfere with Liam's quest by warning of danger lurking for Miri and Rhion. Everything comes together, but is it too late for Miri and Rhion?

Queen Immured is the fourth story in the Dragons Run My Life series. The rest of the story begins the here. The problems of the three red-headed princesses never seem to diminish.

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