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Spun Out: Five Crucial Steps to Restored Hope and Healthy Endurance

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We will all find ourselves searching for traction in life's slippery circumstances and situations at some point in our life. For some, that point is very obvious and current, for others, the time will arrive when things appear overwhelming. In Spun Out, Troy D. Larsen encourages us with practical answers and insight when those life experiences invade our lives and leave us questioning how to move forward. When one may appear stunned, at a standstill or loss he encourages that there is a means to hope and endurance. What may appear to be a shipwreck in our life, he explains there could and should be a necessary place of rest and restoration in the process of what he describes as dry-dock. He gives five crucial steps to restored hope and healthy endurance.


In Spun Out you will discover:

-How hope can and should be restored when feeling hopeless.

-How endurance can and should be healthy and seen as necessary.

-How to move forward when life seems at a standstill or loss.

-What makes an individual life important and valuable when felt devalued.

-How to find rest in overextended and overwhelmed circumstances.

-How to evaluate what should be consuming our lives.

-How to set a healthy life pace.

-What is the key to living a balanced lifestyle?

-How encouragement functions as a life-giving source.


Spun Out is written to encourage, strengthen, build up, and move you forward. Whether you are in a current life challenge or know someone who is in need of encouragement, this writing is sure to bring practical steps and insight.

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